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Lieutenant Patrick O'Dowd
On October 17, 2009 at 2136 hours, Engine 42 was dispatched to 9994 Pinehurst for a box alarm fire. Upon arrival, Engine 42 was met by occupants ranting about a trapped bedridden family member.odowd Flames billowing from the front door, windows, and side door hindered quick, rescue efforts. Spontaneously, Lieutenant Patrick O'Dowd pulled the charged red line off the Engine, ran to the front door, and attempted to enter the burning dwelling. After being rebuffed by heavy black smoke and intense heat, the fire crew repositioned to another entry and finally gained entry through the kitchen, dining room, hallway and up the stairs to the second floor. Lieuternant O'Dowd and FF Russell Moler arrived on the second floor and continued search and rescue efforts to the rear of the dwelling.
FF Moler searched one room and Lieutenant O'Dowd forced open another bedroom door, where he discovered an unconscious male victim on the floor wedged between a refrigerator and door. Lieutenant O'Dowd summoned FF Moler and together they moved the civilian to safety.
For his quick response and bravery, Lieutenant Patrick O'Dowd is awarded the Commissioner's Citation.


Fire Fighter John Cangailosi
December 7, 2009 it was 38 degrees with scattered clouds, when E-38 was dispatched to investigate smoke at this location at 1157 Gray Street. As E-38 pulled on the block of Gray, fire fighters observed heavy smoke pushing out from the basement of the dwelling, and Detroit Police Officers subduing a bystander, stating a child was trapped. E-38's Fire Officer reported to dispatchers E-38 will stretch on an occupied two-family dwelling, fully involved smoke and flame emanating, with a child possibly trapped a box alarm was needed for more fire companies.
During a quick assessment fire fighters learned that occupants were awakened by screams, tried to escape through the back door, but heat and flames hindered their escape. Thus prompting escape via the front entrance. The second floor occupants were able to escape via the front stairs, and some first floor family members were able to exit the front door,one sustained burns on his arms and torso during the escape. Another was trapped by a window bar, which police officers and nearby neighbors tried to free, but was unsuccessful. Fire Fighter John Cangialosi stretched fire line through another window to extinguish the fire and quickly found an unconscious child on a bed..He swiftly ran to the window and handed the child to Chief Gallo. Fire fighter Koehn joined Cangialosi to extinguish the fire.
Meanwhile the trapped occupants went back into the hallway to try another means to escape, passed out overcome by smoke. Immediately, Fire Fighter Ryan Koehn with the aid of the police used a tool, removed the bar from the window and entered to find the trapped adult, forced down to crawl by intense heat Koehn searched the dwelling. Within four feet the unconscious adult was rescued and passed out the window to Chief Michael Gallo, and police officers. Meanwhile Fire Fighter John Cangialosi stretched fire line through another window to extinguish the fire and quickly found an unconscious child on a bed. He swiftly ran to the window and handed the child to Chief Gallo. Koehn joined Cangialosi to extinguish the fire. For courage and selfless and an act of bravery Fire Fighter John Cangialosi is awarded the Detroit Fire Fighter Association's Earl J. Berry Medal of Valor.
Fire Fighter Jeremy Mullins
mullinsOn June 4, 2009 Fire Fighter Jeremy Mullins left Engine 34 and was driving home after his 24 hour shift. While driving Fire Fighter Mullins noticed smoke pluming from 6528 Willette, a two story dwelling fire. The dwelling was pluming thick, acrid smoke, and intense flames from the windows. Without any protective fire gear, tools or a charged line, Fire Fighter Mullins broke in through the front entrance. He was forced to crawl low on his stomach to conduct a room-by-room search for possible victims. As Fire Fighter Mullins exited the dining room and neared the bedroom, he came across a non-responsive adult male. Ill-equiped and nearly exhausted, Fire Fighter Mullins somehow gathered the strength to drag the unconscious male through the house outside to safety, where he initiated life saving measures to the victim. For his selflessness and extraordinary act of bravery, Fire Fighter Jeremy Mullins is awarded the Detroit Firemen's Fund Meritorious Medallion Award.
Fire Fighter Francis Dombrowski & Fire Fighter David Miller
Engine Company 50 and Ladder Company 23 responded to a two-family dwelling located at 12585 Elmdale on July 16, 2010 at approximately 1640 hours. Dispatchers informed the fire companies that the dwelling was occupied and the people were trapped inside.
Upon arrival Firefighter David Miller and Firefighter Francis Dombrowski entered the front of the dwelling without the protection of a fire hose. Firefighter Miller searched the first level in intense heat, flames and smoke. Firefighter Dombrowski ascended the stairs where he was forced back down by falling hot embers and intense heat.
FF Dombrowski regrouped and ascended the stairs again, ignoring the heat and hot embers that fell on him. During his search through the thick acrid smoke and intense heat, he located a bedroom, but no one was found inside. FF Miller joined Dombrowski on the second floor to search another room. At this time Dombrowski's self contained breathing apparatus alerted him that he would soon be out of air. Unyielding, Dombrowski continued without air and without the protection of a charged fire hose to search for the trapped person. FF Dombrowski found an unconscious adult under a bed. With FF Millers help carried the victim out of the dwelling to a waiting ambulance. For selfless acts of bravery, Firefighter David Miller and Firefighter Francis Dombrowski were awarded the Commissioner's Citation.
Fire Fighter Tyrone Callaway
At approximately 1648 hours on May 30, 2010, Engine 40, Ladder 17 and Tactical Mobile Squad 5 were dispatched to 2250 Ford Street. While enroute fire dispatchers informed the fire companies of trapped occupants.
Arriving at the property, the crews noticed the front upstairs was totally engulfed in flames. Frantic bystanders reported that there were trapped occupants in the rear bedroom. While crews prepared to battle the fire from the front of the structure, Firefighter Callaway and Lieutenant Willis Childress went to the rear of the dwelling.
Firefighter Callaway grabbed a nearby step ladder and with the aid of Lieutenant Childress, ascended to the second story porch. Callaway kicked the door open and without the aid of a charged hose line, began a search and rescue operation. Crawling room to room below the thick black smoke and severe heat, Firefighter Callaway located the motionless body of a small child, picked the child up, protectively cradled her and quickly carried her to the upstairs balcony.
The second fire crew raised a 20 foot ladder and Firefighter Callaway carefully handed the child to the awaiting firefighters. The firefighters quickly passed the child down the ladder, raced her to TMS-5 and began CPR. Moments later, Medic 10 arrived and transported the child to the hospital. Firefighter Callaway received injuries to both hands during the rescue.
If not for his quick thinking and heroic efforts, the child would durely perished. And so it is with great honor that Firefighter Tyrone Callaway was presented with the Commissioner's Citation. 

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