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Battalion Chief Lewis Roelans

Responding to a box alarm, roelansChief Roelans arrived before 1st Engine and was informed of trapped civillians in an involved dwelling. Without hesitation, he entered the dwelling and removed a young child and a wheelchairbound elderly victim from danger. Chief Roelans actions are exemplary and epitomize the bravery and dedicationof members of the Detroit Fire Department.Congratulations Chief Roelans


Fire Fighter Stephen Florian & Fire Fighter Jeremy Desmet
At approximately 2005 hours on May 27, 2010 the Ladder Company 19 firehouse alarm alerted the fire crew of a fire located at 11560 Harper Road. Without delay, Ladder Company 19 arrived at the scene of a fire at a Travel Inn, a three story motel.
Heavy smoke billowed out from the north side of the building and four frantic civilians were hanging from the windows on the south side. Firefighter Jeremy Desmet commandeered a ground ladder and climbed to the windows to aid two of the civilians down to safety.
Firefighter Stephen Florian entered the burning hotel, worked his way through the hallways as screaming occupants exited past him. With no visibility in the blacksmoke and in extreme  heat, Florian found stairs to the floor where the other two civilians were trapped. He led them down the stairs and out to safety.
For their bravery and honor Firefighter Stephen Florian and Firefighter Jeremy Desmet are presented with the Commissioner Individual Commendation.










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