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DFD Historian

Richard V. Lancaster
Retired FEO, E-32

Lived:  04/08/1945 to 05/07/2012
Served:  09/18/1972 to 04/08/2005


Hi, my name is Rick Lancaster and I am the Historian of the Detroit Fire Department. I am presently trying to identify every firefighter who was ever on the fire department. A great source of this information is the old ' Force Service Books'. These books are hard-bound and coffee table size. Usually, each page is dedicated to one firefighter and lists all of his transfers and accomplishments. Some of the earlier books may list more than one firefighter per page. I am missing a number of these books; any book before 1911,

May 1908- December 1910, December 1916- January 1917,

May 1918-October 1920,

April 1924-February 1927.

If you have any of these books, I would like to obtain them or at very least, copy all the information in them. Once I have all the names, I will attempt to get a picture of each firefighter. A good source of these is the 1929 battalion composites. If you have any of these, I would like a copy of them. Please remember, the Firemen's Fund wil take all donations of firefighter memorabilia for the history collection; uniforms, buttons, books and pictures. We still need a book titled 'The Fire Association in Detroit' from 1889, buy or copy, we need it.

Thank you for your consideration,


History of The Detroit Fire Department

Stories & photos of the men, apparatus, & significant events.

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Detroit Fire Historical Record

Photos & records of events in the Detroit Fire Department

from 1825 to 1977. Includes Batt. photos from 70's.

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Contact Firemen's Fund (313) 961-2988










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