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Engine 38 Restoration

Here are some photos of DFD Engine #38 I thought some of your readers might enjoy.  It is fully equipped with period equipment and is fully functional.I began the frame up restoration in 1993.  It was completed 18 months later. It is correct in detail other than I dressed it up somewhat by doing a little more gold leaf on the hood, fenders, and wheels and upholstery.

Last year while blowing it out, I had the pleasure of meeting a "senior" retired firefighter that was assigned to the rig at its first house on Jefferson and Coplin.  Man, the stories he had to tell !  I will never forget the look in his eyes when he saw the rig, not to mention during the ride we took.

The rigs last days of Detroit service were at the old Detroit House of Correction in Northville Township.  I found the rig in Jackson, Mi., stripped and rusting away, no engine, trans, chrome, bell, electrical system.

This is my third rig restoration and I am quite proud of it.  It is the model rig I chased on my bike during the days of my youth.  I hope someone enjoys the photos and that they brings back fond memories.  Memories of no power steering, no power brakes, no air conditioning, no automatic transmission (double clutching a must), no heat in the rear.  As the "senior" retiree stated,  this was a rig for real men (only men back in its days as he pointed out). 

Good luck on the conversion of the 1930's Safety Sedan into the hearse vehicle.  There is hope. 

I hope your audience enjoys the photos.  I will try to take more this year.  My goal is to get a photo at 38's with my rig on the ramp next to its present rig.  If I pull that off, I will send you that shot.

And for the record, Engine #38 will respond to the 9th alarm!   (Heaven help us)

Would the gentleman that did this restoration please contact me

so I can apply proper credit to the project. John Randall








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